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「SAKURA」 Narita International Airport Terminal1 4F will be closed on the middle of October 2018.
We have stopped its reservation service on October 16 ,2018.

Indication based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Redhorse Corporation Ltd
President and CEO Takaharu Miyamoto
◆The location/Phone number
TEL: 03-5144-5721
◆Main page URL
◆Sales price
We publish in every product
The marked price is stated(1) the price including the consumption tax,(2) tax-free tax price, and the yen price.In addition, in addition to the yen,marked according to the rate converted to NTD price as a reference.
◆It is no other than the product price。Necessary rate
In addition to commodity prices and Shipping, there is no extra money to spend.
◆Order, payment, the picking of goods
1. The company's website to accept reservations order.
Please fill in the number of goods you want to purchase and other relevant information necessary to make an appointment subscription
2. By the specified date, we will deliver the goods to your reservation airport shop. (Narita Airport Terminal 1, Narita Airport Terminal 2, Haneda International Terminal, Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, Fukuoka Airport International Terminal)
3. You can pick up the merchandise on the appointed day and pay the purchase price.
◆The term of validity, alteration or cancellation of an order
The expiration date of the booking order is up to one hour after the time you specify.
Expired orders automatically void.
Changes to reservations can be made through the dedicated pages of our website.
Cancellations can be made by contacting us on the inquiry page before the specified purchase date.
◆Returns, replacement, return shipping
As a result of commodity problems due to factors such as the Company caused by the return, replacement, the freight borne by the Company. If the customer orders due to errors or received goods do not like and other reasons require return, the full cost borne by the customer.
◆Deadline for returned goods
It is less than 14 days after arrival of product
◆About alcohol sales
The law prohibits persons under the age of 20 from drinking alcohol, so I do not accept minors alcohol orders.


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