「SAKURA」 Narita International Airport Terminal1 4F will be closed on the middle of October 2018.
We have stopped its reservation service on October 16 ,2018.

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Shingen rice cakeYamanashi

    • Narita International Airport Terminal 1 4F(sakura)
    • Narita International Airport Terminal 2 3F(sakura)
    • Haneda Airport International Terminal Building 2(SKY MARKET)
    • Kansai International Airport 3F(Redhorse)
    • Fukuoka Airport 3(Redhorse)
  • Shingen rice cakeYamanashi
  • 1,234 ()(10.97 $)
    1,143 ()(10.16 $)
  • Each customer is limited to 0 piece(s)

  • Shingenmochi/Shingen rice cake is three small piece of rice cakes with KINAKO and sweet honey syrups. KINAKO is soybean flour. Very delicious. Rice cake is similar for Japanese and rice is staple food.
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Shingen rice cake