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◆不能受理的機場◆【Haneda 机场 国际线旅客航站楼(SKY MARKET)

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· The receipt is required for pick up.
· General merchandise from 10,001 Yen and perishables from 5001 Yen are tax-exempt. (See details on tax exemption)
· During the event, the total amount after the price reduction must be 5001 yen or more in order to become tax-exempt.
· The time of purchase, you can select different options and amounts for items. However, please be understanding if there is no stock.
· The product photos on the website are often affected by the light and other reasons, so please forgive me.
· Note the order cut off date and pick up date 4 days before.
· This service is not available for passengers with early morning and late night flights.
· The shop is outside the security check-in area. Please pick up the goods before check-in.
<Can not take advantage of service time>
Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Sakura Before 7:30am, After 8:30pm
Narita International Airport Terminal 2 Sakura Before 7:30am, After 8:00pm
Haneda Airport International Terminal Building Before 6:00am after 11:00pm
Kansai International Airport Before 6:30am after 10:00pm
Fukuoka Airport Before 7:30am after 8:00pm

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